Moving Out West: Day 4

7:00am: Still in Mesa, AZ as we slept in for the night. Amazing what a night at a country bar will do. Had a load of fun as evidence by this photo:


8:00am: Had an amazing breakfast including eggs, scrapple, and bacon. It makes me a bit sad though cause, since I cannot cook, this is probably the last good meal I’m gonna have in a LONG time. (That doesn’t including eating out or the oatmeal breakfasts that’ll plague me for months.)

9:30am: We just went pass Phoenix, AZ and it’s a pretty gorgeous city. The more I think about it the more I wouldn’t mind retiring in this area.

 9:30am-12:00pm: Shots like this reinforce my retirement idea.

 Noon: Just hit the California border! We are so close to Los Angeles it’s unbelievable. Seriously, we did this in four days.

 2:45pm: Crossed through the San Bernardino National Forest. Beautiful sights.



4:00pm: Taking another break by staying with some Aunts and Uncle on my Father’s side. He hasn’t seen some of these people in decades. Very nice of them to let us stay. City of Palmdale too is very nice.


   -My Uncle Eddie is a pretty cool guy. Worked for NASA and helped with the Voyager 1 satellite back in the day! Wish I was as cool as him.


7:00pm: Made it to LA! So damn close to my new home.

7:15pm: FINISHED!

7:30pm: Here’s my new place of operations too. Start in May! Can’t wait to finally work with the big boys again.

9:00pm: So after all of that I’m here. Unbelievable that I, and also my Father, was able to do this. Absolutely insane. But we still got some paperwork and moving in stuff to complete. So one more day and that’ll finish it all. So now sleep.


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