Breaking News: Nicolas Cage is in Bad Movies!

Guys, I hate to worry you all but….I’m scared for Nicolas Cage. You know, the famous actor who has hit some hard times. I mean have you seen some of his films lately?

He’s got those crazy eyes in this random, Roman Crusaders vs Chinese warriors flick. And that voice…what is that? It gets worse:

His last “major” release involved an adaptation of the reviled Left Behind series. Judging from the trailer he trying his hardest to land the worst CGI plane I’ve seen in a long time. (The models used in Airplane! looked more realistic!) It seems like old Mr. Cage has been stuck in a rut. Honestly I think it is the way he has been acting in his previous work that has forced his hand. I mean look at these stills and tell me this is from a man who won an Academy Award…


Trespass (also starring Nicole Kidman who is turning into the female version of Nicolas Cage considering her career choices of late)


It leads me to believe that Nicolas Cage isn’t really trying hard anymore. Which is a shame because his outgoing…”personality” certainly gave us amazing performances before. Like:

Gone in 60 Seconds


Con Air

There was a time where Nicolas Cage was considered a god damn, serious actor! We need to get Cage back on that level again. Although….there is a reason why this has happened to him. Nothing can ever ruin an actor’s career further than:

The Wicker Man


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