Moving Out West: Day 3

4:30am-5:30am: Okay, well I’m sane again. I ended the last paragraph of the last post kind of on a gruff not. Funny story, empty landscapes of New Mexico plus 17 straight hours of driving will melt a man’s brain. I’ve got my barring a though and even packed the car all by myself this time. But this video below is a good approximation on how I still feel at this hour.

5:30am: So my Dad’s boss decided to give us audiobooks to listen too. One being Alex Cross, Run by James Patterson….kill me. I’m down for audio books but I’m not 65 years old and loves Alex Cross.


6:20am: Turned off that Alex Cross garbage. Saw the sun rise and took a few pictures. Even in a cloudy day you can find some beauty out here.  


6:30am-8:00am: Well it’s a cloudy day in front of us, and it’s raining on & off throughout. But some of the views still look great. There’s even a rainbow!


8:15am: Starving for breakfast and went to IHOP. They still have that Shire promotion right? Oh wait that was Denny’s…and three years ago.


9:00am: Well Albuquerque I’m calling it quits and moving on. Unfortunately I no pics of your beautiful cityscape. So here’s a look at one of your local establishments.


9:00am-11:40am: Boy….You sure put out New Mexico.


11:40am: I think Arizona is gonna be just as nice. 

   –11:15am: Around this time we also experienced another (and final) time zone change. There should be an announcement sent right to your brain when this happens.


1:10pm: So me and my Dad almost got pulled over for speeding. But we dodged a huge bullet when the cop stopped giving a shit. Arizona finest. Oh and we hit Tonto National Park aka ‘Washington state’s cousin’.




2:00pm: Forget being the cousin of Washington now we’re in  the fucking shire! Is Denny’s nearby?



3:00pm: This day ends kinda early because, thanks to my Dad having friends EVERYWHERE, we have a place to stay in Mesa, Arizona. It’s a gorgeous home but for the sake of privacy I’ll only show the front. By the way, tune in tomorrow for the thrilling conclusion as I wind up in my new home of LA!



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