Moving Out West: Day 2

4:30am-5:30am: Woke up and felt like utter garbage. Shockingly your body doesn’t want to cooperate after 17 hours of driving. Dad is optimistic we will hit our goal of Albuquerque, New Mexico in about twelve hours. I’d call him crazy to his face but…well he’ll read this later and see.

5:50am: It was about this time that me and my Dad realized we were riding on what would be the remains of Route 66. (Now I-44w) This was a dream trip of ours because it had this great blend of modern day travel with old school sightings. We might’ve missed the beginning with Chicago but from now till Albuquerque we will be doing what we have wanted to do for the last fifteen years.


6:10am: McDonalds for breakfast. Well, when I say ‘breakfast’ I actually mean ‘gorge myself on hash browns’. Oh McDonalds hash browns; I can’t quit you even on a major diet.


6:35am: Vacuum Cleaner Museum & Factory!? I’m SO there!


6:30am-9:25am: For the rest of our time in Missouri we passed some gorgeous landscapes. Probably not the best pictures to showcase  what we saw but still: Missouri is a gorgeous state. Shame we had to pass several anti-Obama and Gay Marriage billboards along the way to show we I’m NEVER living there.


     -8:35am: As a side note to the Missouri sights we saw the grossest road kill ever. It’s like whatever zombies leave behind when they’re done with a corpse.

9:25am: (Sings) Okkkkklaaaaaahoma!


10:00am: Pit stop at Vinita, Oklahoma. Notable things about this town? Home to the largest McDonalds and also the birthplace of Dr.Phil. So yeah….big things in Vinita, Oklahoma…


10:20-11:15: I would call Oklahoma ‘lush’ but not in the way Missouri was. There’s some great views of farms and the trees that occupy the state. But for whatever reason the Earth shaped itself where the Ozarks of Missouri look more stunning then Oklahoma. Still, I can see why many people occupy this land and also have countless westerns set here.


11:15am-11:30am: Hit the first major city of Oklahoma in Tulsa. Not a bad looking neighborhood. Kinda has a mix between of Houston and areas of North Carolina. Seems cozy.


1:15pm: We hit Oklahoma City! I won’t say what state though to add mystery.


1:20pm We’re going to Leo’s BBQ for some good old…

…hurm…never mind.

1:30pm: Iron Star Urban BBQ. Much better. That’s a delicious pulled pork sandwich with Mac n’ cheese.




3:00pm-6:00pm: Took over driving to give Dad a break. Again, Oklahoma may not be lush but it sure is pretty.


  –4:50pm: Welcome to Texas! Mandatory to have two guns in the car at all times! Seriously 




6:10: Happiness for Dad. It took 1700 miles to find a Dunkin Donuts. Thanks Armarillo!

7:45 (6:45): We hit New Mexico! And we hit another time zone so, no, we didn’t just warp from Armarillo, TX to the outskirts of the border

7:00pm: The initial views of New Mexico are gorgeous. Damn sun is in the way though. 


8:45pm: You win New Mexico. I can’t take it anymore. My ass sores are biblical, my eyes are cross eyed, and we still got two hours to Albuquerque. So Santa Rosa, NM you are our new home for tonight. I seriously cannot express just how exhausted we both are. After 900 miles from Missouri I think we can call it a night.



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