Moving Out West: Day 1

When you read this I will be out traveling with my Father to Los Angeles. Or if you’re reading this in the future you can thank our alien overlords for letting you take time from your busy schedule at the acid mines for some downtime. I’d though it would be a good idea to share my experience going to LA for the next four days on the road. Come join me why don’t you?

Said our goodbyes and head on out to Pennsylvania, our first state. For some reason I had the end credits of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse as I was driving off from my home. Bittersweet to leave.

3:05am: Last smell in New Jersey? Dead skunk on 55. Ugh.

3:45-5:00am: Dad puts on Sinatra and this begins my first nap of the trip. Thankfully won’t be the last as he continues to play his stuff.

4:01am: Dad shares intimate wisdoms as we cross the countryside of Pennsylvania: “Where do they store all of these cones on the road?”

5:30am: Pit Stop #1 near Pittsburgh

5:30-7:35am: More traveling through the enormous Pennsylvania countryside. Including such beautiful sights such as windmills:  

8:30am: Welcome to West Virginia! It’s such a beautiful day out…   

9:20am: Welcome to Ohio! No sign unfortunately as we got a bit lost lookin for gas. But this was the gorgeous view that greeted us an hour later… 


Okay, here’s a better view of Ohio:


11:15am: First major city in Columbus!…Not the best picture of it so sorry fellow Columbuses. Still, seemed like a nice city to view


Noon: Bathroom break! Congrats to New Carlisle, Ohio for having the cleanest McDonald’s bathroom ever. Also, introduced my Dad to the world of Cliff Martinez with The Knick soundtrack.

1:10pm: Goodbye Ohio…

…and hello Indiana!


1:30pm: Farms are the same in Indiana as they are in Ohio. Seemingly endless…


2:15pm: After an hour of mind numbing torture of nothing(!) we are in Indianapolis for lunch. Seriously, Indiana you are boring…


2:30pm-3:00pm: Ate at the Mug ‘N’ Bun in Indianapolis. Not the most inviting of neighborhoods or service. But the food was top. 10/10, would eat there again. (I had a Grilled Cheeseburger w/fries by the way)


3:30pm-6:15pm:  So I was finally taken reigns with the car. For the sake of drama nothing terrible happened but, like the last few hours, nothing remarkable happened either. Illinois is just as boring as the rest of the mid-West. Apologies to anyone who lives in these states but…I guess a city guy like me can’t find comfort in endless farms.

6:15pm-6:30pm: We finally hit our final stop for the night! St. Louis, Missouri never looked so beautiful. I got these sweet shots because, funny enough, I got super lost trying to find the next major highway. So kinda panicked for fifteen minutes fixing my mistake. But now that we are here we can relax and….

 6:45pm: SOLD OUT!? Cause of a “Robotics Convention”!? Need to drive another 45mins to find ANY hotels!? Hey, FIRST Championships…Screw you! 


7:30pm: Well I’m here at a Quality Inn at Pacific, Missouri. I could go on about what I ate for dinner or when I go out tomorrow. But after 17 hours and 936 miles I’m exhausted. This will probably come out late and so will the rest. But I hope you enjoyed my first day and I’ll update all of you tomorrow!


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