Moving Out West: The OH MOVIES Story

So I got good news and bad news guys.

Good News: I’m moving to Los Angeles! I got a job with a major network and I am now (FINALLY) working where I wanna be. It took a lot of effort but I cannot stress how excited and happy I am.

Bad News: The future of OH MOVIES is in flux. With my new gig it means a lot of time at work and little time working on this blog. Luckily I have enough articles to go on till mid-June. So basically the idea of weekly reviews of new films might be on the down low for now. There will be a review to finish this month but come May it’s up in the air. I plan on watching AVENGERS 2 and MAD MAX but will it be out the same weekend as the film? Who knows!

This isn’t the end of OH MOVIES mind you. Just another new aspect of this adventure in life. I want to thank everyone, from friends and strangers alike, who have gone on this blog to read my content. The best is yet to come, mark my words.


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