Out and About in LA: Day 3

Kind of a low-key day for me out in the city of angels. Decided to take a tour of one of their museums. It’s not the Louvre or Metropolitan Museum, but the Getty Institute is a very cool place. I especially like the layout where you have to walk outside to get to each building. It is a little small for my taste but there’s still some goodies.

The Getty Museum


Views Outside The Getty


Heraldic Panel with the Arms of the Eberler Family  

Joke Glass (German)  

Lifting Majine and the Allegory of Death & War by Francesco di Giorgio Marini  

The Temptation of St. Anthony by Lelio Orsi  


Bacchanale by Alessandro Magnasco  

The Triumph of Venus by Alessandro Magnasco  

Microscope w/case  

French Porcelain  

Rembrandt Laughing by Rembrandt van Rijn 

Moonlight Landscape with a View of the New Amstel River and Castle Kostverloren by Aert van der Neer 
Self Portrait, Yawning by Joseph Dureux  

Landscape with Lake and Boatman by Jean Baptiste Camille Corot  

Arii Matamoe by Paul Gauguin 


Heard nothing but amazing things about Tito’s Tacos. The hype was worth it cause this was the best Mexican food I’ve ever had. Meat in the burrito was perfectly cooked. And the salsa & gaucamole? Out of this world. Dangerous game to eat out but it is good to know I have great, and cheap, food if I need it.



Out and About in LA: Day 2

With the second day I decided to go deep into the city. Or, more specifically, Hollywood BLVD. What’s in Hollywood BLVD?






Also, Various sights!



They are literally everywhere! 

Thanks for checking out my Day 2! Cya all tomorrow for a more, low-key third day.

Out and About in LA: Day 1

So this week I felt like traveling around some of the sights of LA before I start work. Maybe they’re all tourist traps but for me I wanna experience all of LA as much as possible. So today we go north of the city to the largest tourist traps of them all:
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Out and About in Culver

Today is the first day I’m living away from my family. Pretty damn scary at first but I’m slowly, but surely getting used to it. After unpacking and making a grocery list I decided to set out and walk around the main area of Culver City. Here’s a pro tip: walking in 80+ degree weather in California is a bad idea. Regardless it was a lot of fun and here are the highlights of Culver:

Kirk Douglas Theater   
Sony Pictures (Possible, new job afterwards? Here’s hoping!)      

NFL Network & NFL.com (New job! Looking forward to seeing you guys and working my tail off.

Culver Hotel        

Culver Studios (2nd possible place to work after NFL Network?)  

City Hall 

Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area (Massive and gorgeous park. Seriously the views are amazing and it’s funny cause my roommate says it isn’t that big. No offense to her but, as someone  from New Jersey, this is bigger and better than any park I’ve been.)         

Culver City Park (Not the best option for a park as it’s pretty dusty. But the view, again, is amazing.)   

That’s about it for now. I got a lot of places I wanna go to these next few days. Stay tuned tomorrow for more!

Unfriended (Review)

Comedian Dane Cook had a nice observation on how all of us love to turn into critics when we see a trailer in the theaters. Whenever we see a taste of what movies are coming soon we always judge critically even if it is nowhere near the final product. Admittedly, and shamefully, this reviewer is known to do that many times and it came no different with the new, found footage horror film Unfriended. The trailers for this film, in this man’s humble opinion, looked completely dumb and seemed to be another pointless horror entry for the new millennium. After viewing Unfriended it certainly comes across much better than its advertisements, but it will mostly be a hollow victory.

Unfriended takes the novel approach of telling the story all through webcams and browsers. So whenever vital information is given it is through Facebook messages, Google searches, and anything else that is ‘hip’ in today’s tech savy generation. The one thing you can give Unfriended credit is sticking with its gimmick and also showing us what is probably the worst of today’s generation of teenagers. Every single character in this are incredibly unlikable in different aspects and, despite sounding harsh, it feels so satisfying to watch these idiots suffer. It is doubtful that Writer Nelson Greaves was going for anything too deep when he wrote this but it does give some thought while watching how much technology has degraded society to a degree.

The only problem with these aspects is that it quickly becomes frustrating to watch a film totally dedicated to the internet. After the first ten minutes you will basically see all of the film’s tricks, such as creepy ‘glitches’ or the constant texting between the two leads. Plus the film can never quite decide on how some of the tech works. Director Levan Gabriadze will tune characters out on Skype so we can see various web searches or text and it becomes frustrating that no one is calling out how the main lead is ignoring them. Also, never before has the goal of making you hate the characters succeed and fail at the same time. It is satisfying to see these people get what is coming to them but they are still assholes (for a lack of a better word) who have no redeeming value making it impossible to care about them.

The biggest issue on a whole though is the pacing of the film. For a film that does not even hit the ninety minute mark it certainly drags at points. Again, reading text or various websites can only go so far and by the halfway mark it becomes a slog to keep reading. Unfriended also uses various tricks such as loading screen, broken webcams, and an unnecessary venture to Chatroulette to build suspension. You know what is worse than experiencing bad load times on a real computer? Watching people go through the same thing in a film.

You have to give Unfriended credit for sticking to its guns when it comes to the gimmick. Levan Gabriadze made sure this was as real to life as possible to showcase a horror film in today’s computer age. But Unfriended suffers from all the typical tropes of horror films especially in terms of characters and plot. The gimmick itself honestly loses its luster barely a quarter way through and this ultimately could have worked better as an entry in an anthology series on TV in a shorter length. Initial thoughts from the previews seemed to be confirmed then; hopefully there will be a gem in the next batch of previews at the movies.

Moving Out West: Day 4

7:00am: Still in Mesa, AZ as we slept in for the night. Amazing what a night at a country bar will do. Had a load of fun as evidence by this photo:

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