Live Tweeting #3: The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

We are getting close to those Oscars and one of the big surprises is that a Wes Anderson picture is getting nine nominations. Most of the time Anderson’s films do not get much love so it is nice to see him getting some recognition for a change. So without further ado I wish you all to have as much fun as I had seeing such a vibrant universe put on display here. Side note: I saw this on a plane during my trip to Paris. Even with a smaller screen it is hard not to be blinded by the orgy of colors surrounding…


00:28: Oh man, that chanting.

02:17: That kid randomly coming in to ruin this guy’s intro always gets me.

04:55: Anderson and the crew just nails the 1960s with this hotel.

06:35: I would not wanna go into anything with water in this shabby place.

09:23: You fall in love with Gustave (and more specifically Fiennes) the moment this sequence starts.

15:18: Didn’t need to see an old lady go down on Fiennes like that. He takes it like a champ though I’ll give him that.

19:20: Most unflattering image you can imagine of someone dead.

26:10: I want that boar painting behind Goldblum.

28:48: There’s Nosferatu…..I mean Willem Defoe!

34:20-35:35: Favorite Scene #1 (Fiennes run is hilarious.)

36:05-36:55: Favorite Scene #2 (Back to back mind you. “I beat the living shit out of a sniveling little runt called Pinky….” God what a great speech.)

46:30: Look, spoiler alert, I do love this movie. But man I am tired of how Anderson writes children in his work. They have to be so “adult” & quirky and it annoys me to no end. Not saying it ruins the movie or anything, but Agatha and Zero’s relationship is the weakest part of this for me.

52:30: One of my favorite pieces of Alexandre Desplat’s score. Fits perfectly as Goldblum is slowly being chased to his death.

59:30: Man oh man that prisoner just MURDERS those guards like nobody’s business.

65:05: Bill Murray. Dat Stache.

73:25: Hell of a view I’ll give them that. (Also starts another favorite piece of Desplat’s score in “Canto at Gabelmeister’s Peak”)

77:35-78:35: Favorite Scene #3 (Great use of miniatures and pacing for a chase scene.)

87:55-90:44: God damn. One of the saddest scenes I’ve seen in a long time. Hell of a noble way for a character to go out.

Final Thoughts: As a non-fan of Wes Anderson, but respectful of his work, this is definitely my favorite of his features. The amount of care going into the craft and production design is second to none. It faces stiff competition in every category for the Oscars this year but it has a shot of taking a lot home. In general for Costume, Makeup, Production Design, and the Score. Oh my how good that score is. This is about the third time I’ve seen this movie for the sake of this article and I still haven’t gotten bored of it. A sign of a truly great film.


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