Great Movie Scenes #002: Taken (2008)

Considering the slop we got a few weeks ago let us look back at why Liam Neeson in a Taken movie was a good thing. You all know the scene I’m talking about as it was parodied to death once the trailers came out. The people of EuropaCorp and 20th Century Fox knew right away that the iconic “I Will Find You” monologue was going to be their bread and butter with promoting the movie. And why shouldn’t it be as it is the best part of the movie. Taken was the start of Liam Neeson as an action star and he showcases that he is more than capable of being a grizzled tough guy. But it is this monologue that makes us realize that: A) he means business and B) he is going to fulfill his threats.

Personally I like the directorial touch of making this moment a one-take scene where we see Neeson’s intensity. If this was any other action movie, or let’s say this franchise’s third sequel, we’d get several cuts of seeing the smug villains on the other side of the phone. Instead it is just Liam Neeson’s intense face as he pleads/warns these kidnappers that they are fucked if they kidnap his daughter. Even though people remember this movie for how much ass kicking Neeson does this scene reminds you how good of an actor he is if given good material. It is sadly what we have been missing since he has been typecast into garbage because of this movie. I mean I like a dude getting kicked in the face as much as the next guy. But Taken showcases how an action film can be entertaining all around when the directing, acting, and even the writing are on top form.


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