Live Tweeting #2: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966)

Here’s the second edition of my series ‘Live Tweeting’. Where I watch a film in real time and give comments throughout. Today we cover a classic from 1966 that was nominated for an Oscar in every category. Also, with only four actors and each one being nominated you know this is an actor’s actor kind of film. Of course I am referring to:

00:53-I’m going to assume that because it is the 60s this was a key party.

03:57-That’s a shitload of moths focusing on that light.

05:30-KFC missed out on free advertisement with Elizabeth Taylor eating fried chicken.

11:40-Could this be the first celebrity sex tape?

16:00-Good lord I didn’t realize George Segal was in this. He is so young…and not a desperate sitcom actor.

18:36-The look on Segal’s face right now. I’ve had that look many of times at parties.

21:10-“Vanish!” now replaces “It Opens!” as a calling card for me.

26:25-Gene talk in 1966? Oh boy…

29:45-Wait, so it is 2:30am right now? Even for 1966 that’s too late for a get together.

33:00-The way Taylor says ‘Shut Up’ is like that midget mobster from Looney Tunes.

43:45-There is actually handheld in this film. Pretty jarring but kinda cool once you get used to it.

45:00-That is the worst fake crying I have ever heard.

45:01 to 55:37-I honestly got no jokes on this entire sequence. Richard Burton absolutely killed it with this story.

61:30-Okay George Segal’s laugh is very disturbing.

66:15-Only in 1966 would it be okay to drive with about twenty brandy’s in you.

69:50-What bar is opening at 4am? Even the grossest of dive bars realize the scum need sleep.

70:35-This dancing hasn’t aged a bit…(see clip above again)


81:05-You know you have a solid establishment when the word ‘Liquors’ is crazy crooked.

88:20-The way Burton is breaking back into his own home is shot like a zombie movie. Hey Night of the Living Dead came out two years later…

94:00-Obvious dubbing cause they wait for the perfect time to not see Taylor’s mouth.

119:00-Ugh! Mouth bubble!

129:00-And they all live happily ever after…

129:10-EXIT MUSIC!

Final Thoughts: Every single actor got nominated for an Oscar and all of them deserved it. Each of the four did a masterful job in their own way. What is shocking is that Richard Burton, who I think gets most of the best lines, didn’t win. Now I have never seen Paul Scofield’s performance in A Man For All Seasons who would win over Burton. I just don’t see how anyone but Burton could win for Best Actor though. In general this is one of those ‘bottle’ films where the performances are the key hence only four actors and the tight cinematography. One thing that bugs me though is this: Why on earth would George Segal and Sandy Dennis’s character stay when after five minutes you know Taylor and Burton are messed up? I would have just finished my one drink and decide to head out. The biggest tragedy out of all of this though? George Segal’s career hit its peak and he is still working forty-nine years later.


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