Wild Card (Review)

Odds are you are going to fail if you stay in the movie industry long enough. Very rarely do filmmakers or actors stay consistent especially if their beginnings start at the top. While it does not negate the good that came before it certainly feels depressing to see a legend humiliate him or herself. While you aren’t seeing the writer of Wild Card, William Goldman, on screen kicking butt you start to realize how out of touch he has become. A man who has written some of the greatest films of all time, such as All The President’s Men and The Princess Bride, should not be capable of giving us such a bland movie.
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Whiplash (Review)

I am a total snob when it comes to a film’s soundtrack. (I did an article based around such a topic for 2014 here.) If you even remotely have a good score with your film then I will personally pay attention. When you want to make a film about the music industry, or anyone as a performer in general, it makes it that much more difficult. Cause if you go that route you are completely screwed if your movie is not up to snuff. With Damien Chazelle’s new movie Whiplash that won’t certainly be an issue because he delivers us one of the most realistic and terrifying portrayals of how difficult it is to stand out as a musician.
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Predestination (Review)

My introduction to the Aussie filmmakers, The Spierig Brothers (Michael & Peter), was not a good one. Their first release in 2003’s Undead was a sloppy mess and it appeared that they were destined to be another footnote in cinema history. Never count any filmmaker out though because anything can happen if given another try. For their third entry the duo has decided to adapt one hell of a complicated time travel story. You’d think that would be a fool’s errand but you would be wrong. In fact, their film Predestination might one of the better sci-fi outings in quite a long time. Continue reading

Live Tweeting #3: The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

We are getting close to those Oscars and one of the big surprises is that a Wes Anderson picture is getting nine nominations. Most of the time Anderson’s films do not get much love so it is nice to see him getting some recognition for a change. So without further ado I wish you all to have as much fun as I had seeing such a vibrant universe put on display here. Side note: I saw this on a plane during my trip to Paris. Even with a smaller screen it is hard not to be blinded by the orgy of colors surrounding…

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Paddington (Review)

The majority of today’s children movies follow the same pattern. They have to be loud, colorful, and full of jokes that all ages can enjoy. With these kind of ingredients we have seen some of the best (The Lego Movie) and some of the all-time worst (The Nut Job and Gnomeo & Juliet to name a few) animated features recently. It would be nice if we could go back to the older days of children films, animated or otherwise, and showcase more than obnoxiousness for today’s generation. Enter Paddington Bear, a British literary import who is suddenly getting a new release for today’s generation of movie-goers. Despite the improbabilities, Paddington walks away with being one of the most heartfelt pictures to be released in quite some time. Continue reading

Taken 3 (Review)

Right off the bat this reviewer needs to warn that this will be more “inside baseball” than usual. As a film major there are things you pick up on because you know more about the process of filmmaking than the average moviegoer. Having said that it is not hard to see Taken 3 is a terrible film. After the first couple of scenes you are going to realize it was a big mistake to pay for such garbage. This film, with what can hopefully be the final entry in this pointless saga, showcases how inept filmmakers can make a movie unbearable. Continue reading