Most Anticipated Films of 2015: January-June

Let’s face it, a shit ton of movies come out each year. Whether it be through theater, DVD, or even streaming there is going to be a ton of options to choose from. Some films are going to be bigger than others but there are smaller releases that will fall through the grapevine as well. For the next two days I’m going to cover some of the films I am most looking forward to for the new year. All release dates are tentative so if things change in the coming months do not blame me. Blame the system!


-Well we already have a problem to start the new year. January is usually the worst time of year because all the garbage the studios want to get rid of are dumped in the beginning. So things like The Woman in Black 2, Mortdecai, and Wild Card are going to get the big pushes and you probably don’t wanna see any of them. (Of course I’ll probably be seeing them for the sake of reviewing new material. Pray for me.) But what is good about January is that all of the big Oscar contenders get wider releases at this time. So definitely go to the theaters if you want to see Selma, Inherent Vice, American Sniper, and Still Alice.


The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

Release Date: February 6th

-The first Spongebob Squarepants movie was not only surprisingly entertaining but it also contained some of the most gorgeous animation for a recent release. While I’m looking forward to the sequel I am a bit disheartened to see a majority of it will be CGI. The idea of seeing Spongebob, Patrick, and the rest as superheroes in the real world is also something I am not much interested in. Antonio Banderas as a pirate though? Now we’re talking!

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Release Date: February 13th

-My relationship with Mark Millar is tepid at best. While he comes up with great ideas for his comic books it seems like all he does is make those ideas for movie pitches and nothing more. While The Secret Service wasn’t his best work to date (go read Starlight which is also optioned for a film) 20th Century Fox certainly wants people to go see this what with the stars attached to this. Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson, and Michael Caine in the same film? Plus the creative team behind Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class help shape this adaptation? Don’t be surprised if Kingsman winds up being one of the more underrated action films of the year.



Release Date: March 6th

-Director Neill Blomkamp has become one of the most exciting filmmakers in the last couple of years by trying to revive the science fiction genre. Unfortunately he hit a big misstep with his last film Elysium. What made it a slog to watch was that there was virtually no heart in the story unlike District 9. Well Blomkamp is going to try and make you bawl your eyes out with following a robot named Chappie. The trailer showcases a child-like robot trying to become human as various people try to influence and/or destroy him. Maybe Blomkamp has learned his lesson and his third entry will bring back what made us love him five years ago.

Get Hard

Release Date: March 27th

-While I am not a huge fan of Kevin Hart, him being paired up with Will Ferrell sounds like a home run. Judging from the first trailer it certainly looks like a lot of laughs are going to be had. We’ve been burned by trailers before for comedies where the best jokes are shown in the trailers. I honestly hope that isn’t the case because this is the hardest I’ve laughed at a preview for a comedy in a long time. In general seeing Will Ferrell acting like an asshole and getting his comeuppance usually leads to good laughs so I expect this to be a solid outing by the man who gave us Tropic Thunder.


-Uh….Honestly I got nothing. I mean Furious 7 comes out but as one of the few people to never have seen a Fast and the Furious film I can’t honestly say anything on it. Although Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Vin Diesel, AND Jason Statham in the same film? That’s gotta be fun no matter what movie they’re in.


Avengers: Age of Ultron

Release Date: May 1st

-Come on. Do I have to explain why this is a must see? The bridge to connect us to the highly anticipated ‘3rd Phase’ of Marvel’s cinematic universe and also the gluttony of superhero films to come; Age of Ultron looks to be one melodramatic fight for survival. Even if you are pouring into every teaser for clues and know what is to come with these films this certainly will be one of the most entertaining films of the year. Or maybe not. Who knows? Maybe by the end of this we will figure out that maybe we don’t need so much superheroes in our lives. Honestly this could make or break this new genre of film if it doesn’t live up to the first outing. It’ll be certainly interesting to see what the general public’s reaction to it all once the final frame is shown.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Release Date: May 15th

-What wound up being the ‘Trailer of the Year’ for 2014, I cannot begin to tell you my excitement for this. Coming from the mind of the original Mad Max trilogy, everything about this new entry sounds crazy and awesome at the same time. The fact that most of this is practical effects, or how it is labeled as an endless chase scene, or how we haven’t even seen the crazy robotic arm Charlize Theron wears yet. Speaking of which, Director George Miller got himself one interesting cast with the imposing Tom Hardy as the lead, Ms. Theron looking like a total badass, and Nicholas Hoult being one of the insane gang members terrorizing the landscape. The action genre in general is lacking these days because of how generic the films have become. Obviously judging from the trailer alone the word ‘generic’ no where near describes what this will be.


Release Date: May 22nd

-Jason Statham and Melissa McCarthy. Doesn’t sound like an obvious pairing but in a spoof of spy films it might actually work. From the mind of Paul Feig (Bridesmaids and The Heat) I am honestly intrigued on seeing Jason Statham in an outright comedy film. I don’t need to worry about McCarthy because, even in the shittiest of films, she can make anything work as a comedic performer. While I’m not saying this is ‘THE’ most anticipated film for the year; Spy certainly is the most intriguing cast for 2015.


Jurassic World

Release Date: June 12th

-If you are a child of the late eighties or early nineties like me then you know why this is a big deal. Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, and theme parks? What I like about this trailer is how it is so close to the plot of Jaws 3D but I expect much more from it. Also, to see these people attend this revamped island and not realize how it can quickly go to shit is strangely satisfying. We’ll see if this new entry can deliver the same magic as the original outing. Then again it go quickly go sour like The Lost World so maybe we can hope for something in between?


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