Top 5 Worst Films of 2014

There have been countless lists to showcase what have been the worst of the worst in film for 2014. Well here’s another list to wet your appetite!

5) Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

-Or: “Paranormal Activity: Now with Mexican Flavor!”

4) Pompeii

-This movie tries so damn hard to be the Titanic of the 2010’s but it fails so miserably. Other than Keifer Sutherland’s ridiculous accent there is nothing redeeming about this boring disaster pic.

3) (TIE) Enemy & The Face of Love

-Two movies with the same concept of a plot but diverge in completely different ways. Both wind up being disappointing by not delivering anything remotely entertaining or a satisfying ending.

2) The Legend of Hercules

-Cheesy acting, special effects, and a more “Christianity” take on Hercules makes this one of the more laughable efforts of the year. How this went from ‘SyFy Channel’ special to major release is baffling to this day.

1) The Nut Job

-Never before have I seen a theater full of kids be quiet because of boredom. While not on the levels of Foodfight! this animated venture is yet another example of how not to make a film for children. Poor jokes, wonky animation, and an emphasis on “Gangnam Style” made this a slog to go through. Oh and if you are an Italian-American be ready for some of the most stereotypical mobsters this side of a Godfather parody. Seriously, if you have children and if you love them don’t let them suffer like me.


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