Live Tweeting: FROZEN

Hey guys, here is a debut of a new series of articles I based on the gimmick of live tweeting. I’ll watch a movie and while viewing I will make random comments along the way. A time stamp will be put onto each comment so you can witness them in real time if you wanna follow. At the end I’ll sum up my overall views of the film. So let’s get the ball rolling with a modern classic in….

00:00- So did we accidentally put in The Lion King?

01:48- Don Coscarelli presents “Ice Saw Massacre”.

05:00- How are these girls not getting hypothermia by running in the snow?

07:20- “I keep the fun”. That is not creepy at all, nope.

10:11- Well those parents just got drowned like nobody’s business.

12:20- That dude is so gonna get a disease for sharing that carrot.

19:10- Elsa is the Queen now so she should be allowed to wear gloves god damn it.

21:35- This geriatric Duke dances better than me.

24:50- Minus one point for dancing The Robot.

29:15- Elsa sure can do a lot of damage to the land after randomly running away.

31:10- This song, “Let It Go”, I think is gonna go places. Mark my words.

33:30- For someone who was hiding her powers for years Elsa sure mastered them real quickly.

38:40- “Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People”….That’s a bad song.

42:00- Oh man, I wanna see this Kristoff go toe to toe with these wolves The Grey style.

43:00- Dang it. Those wolves could have tried harder.

43:30- Krisoff talking as his reindeer is the definition of crazy. Please let this end ala Psycho.

47:30- Forget the Psycho ending. I wanna see this snowman melt like in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

53:50- How has Disney not added a new castle with Elsa’s? Looks amazing.

57:20- That snow must have been a pain in the ass to animate.

63:30- Okay the little snowman is starting to win me over.

65:30- Trolls singing is a new version of hell for me.

69:00- You’d think guns or something that resonates heat would be used as weapons…

71:10- We are getting close to Sub-Zero level fatalities in this movie.

75:00- Easy to see this twist coming but this is a nice reversal of love interests in Disney movies.

81:55- Is it wrong to think that Anna is going to turn into an attractive senior in the future?

86:23- Oh come on! That sword would have cut that hand like butter! Even in ice.

87:20- I still don’t get this chanting. It doesn’t seem to belong in a movie about people in the mountains.

91:25- That reindeer would have eaten that carrot and we could have had a downer of an ending…

92:35- There’s that “Let It Go” song again. I mean it isn’t like I heard it a billion times in the last year making me wanna burst my eardrums.

End Result: For a first time view for me this was a pretty solid, modern Disney movie. Although I must admit I am not seeing where the love is coming from. The animation is good, the songs are good, and the casting is also pretty spot on. But it doesn’t have the magic that you would feel from other entries from the company. I don’t know, I had a feeling that whenever I got around to watching this the hype would not match whenever I see it. I ended up being right.


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