Holiday Movie Podcasts

It is the last two weeks of the year and that means one thing: boredom. Okay maybe some other stuff too like ‘Christmas’ and ‘New Years’ but in the workplace it can get dull. Luckily with the medium of podcasting you can find a cornucopia of entertainment on any subject you like. There are a TON of podcasts specifically on movies and, of course, I like to listen to as much as possible. As a gift to you, my new friends, let me give you a taste of what you can listen during these sprawling holiday times….

We Hate Movies: The idea of discussing bad movies is nothing new what with the classic Mystery Science Theater 3000. Even in podcasting you have literally dozen of options to choose from on this specific genre (with another one coming up shortly). But what makes WE HATE MOVIES stand out is how these guys just get what makes a bad movie. Instead of over analyzing they just sit down and shoot the shit for well over an hour & a half. They are easily relatable and considering they’ve been friends for a long time you can tell how they know a bad movie when they see one.The public and critics are finally seeing their potential as this was a banner year for them. Here’s hoping 2015 means even bigger recognition for them.

The Flop House: Like I said, there are a lot of bad movie podcasts. What makes this one just as hilarious as WE HATE MOVIES is how much world building the series has. Whether it is words that sound like other words, a house cat, or their constant teasing of one another; nothing is forgotten to mine comedy out of some truly horrendous films. The community also sets apart other podcasts as the love from the fans truly give it a family bond. It certainly doesn’t hurt that what makes this a funny experience each episode is two of the three hosts (and sometimes special guests) write for The Daily Show. If you are in the mood for conversations and ding dong ripping (don’t ask) then THE FLOP HOUSE is for you.
PRIMER: Episode 133 (BULLET TO THE HEAD), Episode 138 (FOODFIGHT!), and Episode 161 (A TALKING CAT!?!)

James Bonding: I must admit I am not a huge fan of James Bond. I have seen all of Daniel Craig’s films and while they are excellent action movies I never sought out to finish the sprawling opus that is 007. Luckily we have the two Matts (Matt Mira and Matt Gourley) to describe their love affair with the famous spy. Their knowledge of the character, the universe he inhabits, and anything Bond related is staggering. But you never feel lost as they, along with guests, breakdown each movie. I particularly like it when Matt Gourley explains alternate songs for the main credits and share it to the viewers. Even if you aren’t a James Bond junkie this certainly is hard to stop playing once you get in deep.
PRIMER: Honestly any episode will do as these guys got the format down quickly. But if you’re more comfortable on listening to episodes on films you have seen I’d recommend that.

I Was There Too: Speaking of Matt Gourley, he has now introduced what is my new favorite podcast. Ever wonder about what it was like being a secondary character or even a super minor player in famous movies? Well now I WAS THERE TOO is going to sit down with the lesser known actors who helped shape classic films. It is an ingenious idea and Matt has certainly enthralled me with only a handful of episodes in. He also continues to shape the podcast with new segment ideas and the transitions out into non-film related interviewees are just as fascinating. The podcast just got started in November and with it being biweekly you can easily catch up and be curious as I am on who comes next.
PRIMER: Again it is in its early stages so any episode would do. But the most obscure involves the woman in THE UNTOUCHABLES who plays the mother in the infamous baby carriage scene.

If you want to listen to any of these podcasts just click on the links provided and don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes.


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