Most Anticipated Films of 2015: July-December

Here is part two of what I deem to be the most anticipated films of this year. Since we are going on the second half most either have no trailers or even posters to go along with. So I hope my description of these will be enough to make you wanna go out and watch them. The studios are counting on it…

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Most Anticipated Films of 2015: January-June

Let’s face it, a shit ton of movies come out each year. Whether it be through theater, DVD, or even streaming there is going to be a ton of options to choose from. Some films are going to be bigger than others but there are smaller releases that will fall through the grapevine as well. For the next two days I’m going to cover some of the films I am most looking forward to for the new year. All release dates are tentative so if things change in the coming months do not blame me. Blame the system!

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Music in Film 2014

While I am unable to hold a note and struggle to hold an instrument; music in the movie always fascinates me. If you have a good soundtrack or a performance I’ll hone in on it right away. The year 2014 had some excellent scores and singers so this, non ranking, list showcases the more interesting musical moments.

(NOTE: This article was originally written before I saw WHIPLASH. Want to know my thoughts on that Best Picture nominee? *Spoiler alert: It’s really good* Here’s my review to find out)

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Live Tweeting: FROZEN

Hey guys, here is a debut of a new series of articles I based on the gimmick of live tweeting. I’ll watch a movie and while viewing I will make random comments along the way. A time stamp will be put onto each comment so you can witness them in real time if you wanna follow. At the end I’ll sum up my overall views of the film. So let’s get the ball rolling with a modern classic in….

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The problem with musicals today is that they are stuck in the mentality of the ‘Golden Age’. What I mean is that there has been a certain way to stage this genre and not much has changed since the dawn of the talkies. The awkwardness of setting up a number, the elaborate ways to adapt it, and then the final awkwardness of ending the story has stayed the same. It is a formula that most do not pay attention to and for Director Rob Marshall that is a good thing. After adapting Chicago for the big screen, and winning some Oscars, he is looking to stay the course with his next musical adaption with Into the Woods.
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